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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Plymouth Bay™ Fiberglass Gutters rather than traditional wood gutters?

Wood rots! Plymouth Bay Fiberglass Gutters don’t! Our gutters have 33% more capacity than similarly-sized wood gutters and don’t require painting and oiling every year.

Is there much expansion and contraction in the product?

There is no expansion or contraction, unlike other plastics. We build these gutters just like you would build a boat. There is no room for error in the joints in either application.



Depending on the profile our gutters weigh 50% less than wood on average.


What is the finish on the product?

The finish is a molded isophthalic gelcoat. This is the same product that many boat manufactures use. It can hold up to the harsh salt spray and UV environment on the water so it can hold up on any house.


How long has this product been used?

Our product was first hung on a house 12 years ago. Those gutters are still in great condition and the homeowners and caretakers are very happy with them.


Colors, painting?

You can paint the gutter if you would like. This has been a common request. If you have a large order we can use custom-colored isophthalic gelcoat at the factory.

How long is the turnaround time from order to delivery?

We are located just south of Boston, Massachusetts. Depending on the size of your order we can generally get your product delivered within 2-4 weeks.


Do you recommend power tools for cutting?

You can use a standard chop saw for cutting.


No brackets, just one-inch screws for installation?

Yes. A very simple installation. Fiberglass has some flexibility as well. If you want to create a slight bow in the gutter you can accomplish this. 

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