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Duxbury, Massachusetts

PROJECT: Duxbury, Massachusetts. Fiberglass Gutter on top of VERSATEX trim board, a one and done solution. Remove existing wooden gutter, fascia, soffit, and crown molding. Install new rafter tail sisters, 2x4 sub fascia between tails, grind back rafter tails to fit new gutter and fascia, install fascia board and soffit, install our G-75 Woodgrain Fiberglass Gutter, glass seams, install PVC drops and last but not least re-install crown molding. This project had a little bit of everything and was a great project to learn on: big learning curves with an old house that's outta wack and is now the best looking section of the house! No oiling, no painting, easy cleaning with no brackets to cut your hands on and a lifetime product warranty on both products! Plymouth Bay Fiberglass is the Massachusetts Original Fiberglass Gutter Company with superior customer service and extensive product knowledge That's what separates the best from the rest! Call today for a quote! 781-738-3326.

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